Seanol with BroccoRaphanin 60 vegcaps


Seanol®-P Ecklonia Cava Extract130 mg
BroccoRaphanin™ Broccoli Concentrate from seed Sulforophane Glucosinolate as Glucoraphanin20 mg
Other Ingredients:

Rice flour, hypromellose (vegetable capsule)


SEANOL ®, a sea-based, polyphenol-phlorotannin extract containing large amounts of ‘lipophilic’ (fat-soluble), ‘hydrophobic’ (water-insoluble) compounds, has the ability to be easily absorbed into cells. It also passes the blood-brain barrier, thereby helping to support ocular function, memory and mental clarity.*

BroccoRaphanin™ is a patented extract from a proprietary variety of broccoli seeds containing no less than 10% glucoraphanin which is metabolized in the intestines to form sulforaphane. As an indirect antioxidant, sulforaphane supports the production and activity of the liver’s Phase II enzymes. Although it does not neutralize free radicals directly, its indirect antioxidant effects can last for several days.*


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