TENS FDA Approval Kegel exercises stimulator


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    An EMS device designed for women who are seeking a fast, effective way to tone and tighten their pelvic floor. Whether you’re battling the disruption of age related pelvic floor weakening or the struggle of regaining tone after childbirth, it can work for you. It doesn’t require great effort or mind numbing concentration to get amazing results. Just insert the ergonomically designed vaginal probe, clip the toning handset to your belt and go about your day!

•Pelvic toners have been prescribed to hundreds of thousands of women. They recognize that squeezing thin air isn’t as effective as squeezing against resistance. The meager dozen or so clenches recommended by most ladies’ magazines are ineffective compared to the hundreds produced by an EMS machine.

•A woman can utilize about 40% of her muscles when practicing a regular Kegel, whereas an EMS unit can activate up to 90%.

•Women worry about size as much as men do.

After inserting your probe and selecting the settings that best suit your needs, your workout will begin. As you exercise, you will feel your muscles pull up, tighten, and then relax again. It doesn’t hurt and it is NOT like being shocked.

***It cannot be used while pregnant, or if you have been fitted with a metal IUD***

Applicable people:

1. Urinary incontinence

2. Mild bladder weakness

3. The pelvic floor muscle weakness

4. Vaginal lower sensitivity

5. Vaginal relaxation.

The air transport forbids the transport of batteries. Our order does not include battery.



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medical ABS

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Power supply

9V battery


Tighten & improve intimate sensation

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English, Russian

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Relieving urinary incontinence,

function 2

Improve your sex life

function 3

Exercise your pelvic floor muscles


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