Digestin 250 caps


Betaine hydrochloride115 mg
Pancrelipase100 mg
Lipase not less than 2,400 USP
Protease not less than 10,000 USP
Amylase not less than 10,000 USP
Papain (Proteolytic activity 6,000 USP units/mg)100 mg
Bile Powder50 mg
Pepsin 1:10,00030 mg
Duodenal Substance5 mg
Stomach Substance5 mg
Cellulase 75,000 CU/g2 mg
Other Ingredients:

gelatin capsule, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate
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Digestin is a powerful combination of digestive enzymes, glandulars and bile salts formulated to aid in optimal digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.*

Digestin also incorporates high quality, freeze-dried duodenal and stomach substances from porcine sources to support optimal digestion.*


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