Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Brace Splint for Sprains Arthritis


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Option A: Left hand;

Option B: Right hand;

Option C: A pair.

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Brace Splint for Sprains Arthritis

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Description:

The support can be used day or night and helps to reduce wrist pain, tingling in the fingers, and numbness allowing for a painless night’s sleep and all day comfort.


Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Features:

Material is lightweight, highly breathable and weatherproof and the ideal choice for active people who need a high performance support. The material has numerous circular vapour chambers that wicks moisture away from the skin and regulates the skins temperature, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long.
The wrist support is made from a breathable felt and neoprene combined material. This material provides compression, immobilization and comfort. The brace has a removable bar. This allows you to use the brace with or without the stay depending on how much support is required for your injury, the support has two Velcro fastenings these help with ease of application and provide further compression and support. The wrist brace is a simple yet effective brace offering superior comfort. The wrist support is designed to offer additional protection for injuries including carpal tunnel, fractured wrist, sprained wrist, repetitive strain injury and enable the wearer to carry on with their daily tasks. This Specially designed pro cool is a one sized item this is so you can use the wrist brace whilst your wrist is swollen then use the same brace once the swelling has gone down.
Type: Wrist Support
Colour: Black
Material: PU+ steel
Features: One size fits all, Removable bar, Easy to fit, Breathable
Intended Use: Wrist Brace
Gender: Unisex


1xLeft/Right Wrist Support Strap



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